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‘Guerrilla’- When I First Saw This Word, The First Thing That Came To My Mind Was Gorillas, Like The Dark, Hairy, King Kong That Likes To Beat His Chest. Probably You Thought The Same Way Too, Or Maybe I Am Alone In My Head. Anyway, Guerrilla Conventionally Was Used For Irregular Warfare, Usually With Small Groups Of Armed Civilians Or Combatants Fighting A More Organized And Immobile, Larger Army.

They Made Use Of Unconventional Methods In Fighting, For Instance, Stones, Hit-And-Run And They Always Avoided Confrontation With Larger Enemy Units. Sounds Cool Huh?

Bet You Seen In Some Movies.

Bring That Into Marketing, And You Have The Unusual, Shocking, Unprecedented And Unconventional Way Of Selling A Brand To The Public, Usually With A Low Budget. I Honestly Think It Has Some Similarities To King Kong, So I Would Call It The King Kong Of Marketing, No Rules, Guerrilla Marketing Banks On The Element Of Surprise, Effect And An Impression. As Someone Put It, If It Is Not Memorable Or News-Worthy, Then It Is Not Guerrilla!

‘Guerrilla Marketing’ A Book By Jay Conrad Levinson In 1984 Officially Introduced This Concept.

Guerrilla Marketing Can Be In Different Types: Indoor, Within A House, A Shop, Making Use Of The Indoor Setting To Advertise A Product. It Could Be Outdoor, Making Use Of The Environment And Even Passers-By And It Could Be Event- Ambush! – Usually The Event Organisers Are Unaware And The Surprise Reaction Of The Crowd Is Unscripted.

Advantages Are Many; Top Of The List Is The Fact That The Message Cannot Be Missed. No Introduction Or Anything, A Good Guerrilla Marketing Strategy Would Definitely Pass The Message Across, Explicitly And Because Of The Method Involved, People Tend To Remember It Longer – Imagine Seeing A Giant Coffee Cup, With The Company Name On It- Spilled On Your Way To Work – It Takes Advantage Of The Normal Day-To-Day Situations In People’s Lives And Uses It To Create Something That They Are Drawn To.

Again, Guerrilla Marketing Does Not Require So Much Heavy Capital. It Requires More Of Creativity And Boldness. With Little Spending, You Can Create So Much Awareness About Your Brand By Just Coming Up With Something Unusual That Affects Everyone.

Guerrilla Marketing Is Applicable In Whatever Field You Choose. You Just Have To Be Creative And Get On With It. For Instance, A 1999 Movie, The Blair Witch, Used Guerrilla Marketing Strategy That Drew A Lot Of Attention And Already Gathered Fans Even Before The Release Of The Movie. They Propagated Rumours On The Internet About A Fictitious Legend Of The Blair Witch. It Was A Success – Thanks To Guerrilla Marketing Ever Heard Of The Coca Cola Happiness Machine? That Was Another Guerrilla Marketing Strategy. See Why I Called It King Kong?

In Using The Guerrilla Marketing, You Have To Be Daring D Creative, Unconventional, Untraditional And Sometimes Extreme In Your Thinking – Red Bull Once Partnered With An Athlete To Make The Highest Skydiving Jump, About 128, 100 Feet Up! You Must Make Sure That You Know Your Environment And The Kind Of Unusual Things That Would Not Be Offensive But Would Still Be Unusual.

While You Do Not Have To Get A Skydiver Or Some Happiness Machine, You Can Look In Your Environment And Use Something Cheap And Simple, That Would Be More Peculiar To Your Setting But Still Market Your Business.

Finally, Think Guerrilla, Think Unconventional, Think King Kong! Think SOCIALANJI !


SOCIALANJI is a company that provides graphic design and digital marketing services through a specialized team with a variety of unconventional talents to serve its clients in all fields to explore new creative boundaries.

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