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Best PPC services and video marketing in Amman, Jordan

We are a YouTube & Google Search Certified Advertising Company

Google & YouTube Advertising by SOCIALANJI lets you sit back and watch your business grow substantially!

We offer the best PPC services in Amman, Jordan. Pay per click advertising or cost per click advertising is the most powerful method of advertising and is used to direct traffic to your websites. Search engine giants such as Google and Bing allow businesses and individuals to get listed in their search results. The listings appear along with the natural and non­paid search results.

Skyrocket your online sales and get started with Google adwords in Amman, Jordan now.

YouTube Advertising

At SOCIALANJI, only rock stars design and manage your ad. Once we understand your basic business idea, our development team selects a specific YouTube format that will suit your business, and initiates the development. Being a licensed service provider, we can also track the results and produce reports to monitor your spending.

Overlay Ads: These are the low budget ads that are a 480×70 or 300×250 images that appear over the lower portion of the video when a video starts.

True Instream advertising (video ads on Youtube): these can be inserted at the beginning, during or at the end of the main video and will be displayed even when a Youtube video is embedded on other sites. These ads can be skipped by the viewer after 5 seconds and the advertiser is charged only when it is viewed fully.

TrueView in-display Ads: These ads can be run on Youtube or Google Display Network and are supported by multiple platforms. You are allowed to insert three lines of text and a compressed image. These advertisements do not play within the ad units but direct the user to a different page or a channel.

Sponsored cards: These are the unskippable advertisements which can be as long as 30 seconds. One of the best things about the sponsored card ads is they are mobile friendly. They appear at the right the side of the main video in relevance to the video.

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SOCIALANJI is a digital marketing company that provides Google, YouTube advertising and best PPC services in Amman, Jordan services through a specialized team with a variety of unconventional talents to serve its clients in all fields to explore new creative boundaries.


 Creativity is nothing but the way to solve new problems. 

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