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Ever Heard The Saying A Picture Is Worth More Than A Thousand Words? If So, Then I Guess A Video Is Worth More Than A Billion Words!

Speaking About Video Marketing, As The Name Implies, It Is Bringing Video Into Marketing. It Means Promoting Your Brand By Using Videos. This Is The Future Of Marketing And According To Studies Carried Out, The Future Is Here. Wyzowl Statistics Show That About 63% Of Businesses Have Started Using Video Marketing. This Number Is Expected To Increase. Video Marketing Is Just Simple, Creativity Brought To The Fore.

So You Are Probably Thinking, Why Should I Use Video Marketing? My Business Is Doing Just Fine.

Well, There Are A Plethora Of Reasons To, And I Would Just Share Some Here:

Firstly, Videos Boost Sales And Conversions.
Studies Have Showed That About 74% – You Got That, 74%- Of People Who Watched An Explainer-Video Ended Up Buying The Product. What Does This Tell Us? Videos Tell The Story In A Manner Nothing Else Can. Convincing People Has Never Been Made Easier! Imagine, Most F Us Would Rather Watch A Video Describing A Product Than Take The Pain Of Reading A Lengthy Product Description.

Secondly, Videos Connect You To The Customer.
Videos Create Bond, Like You Are Bringing The Customer Into The Conversation. It Gives The Buyer The Feel Of Being Among, So They Can Trust You More. I Mean, W All Love Our Movie Stars, There Is Just That Special Something That Watching A Video Brings With It!

Again, You Are About 53 Times More Likely To Appear On Google’s Top Search Results With A Video Describing Your Products – Talk About The SEO Advantages. With The More Times You Appear On Google’s Video Loving Search Engine, The More Likely That Customer Clicks, The More Likely You Get A Conversion!

Another Reason Why You Must Employ Video Marketing, Is That It Explains Everything, And With Ease. This Is Very Important If Your Business Deals With Technical Equipment. Short How-To Videos Describing Basic Operations Of What You Sell Can Be A Game-Changer. No Matter How Much Words, Or Pictures, They Cannot Beat A Live Session Of Explaining How It Works.

In Video Marketing, Are There Things To Consider?

Yes, A Lot, Top Of Which Is The Duration Of The Video. Attention Spans Decrease Every Day, As It Seems Like We’re Always In A Rush – No Thanks To The Internet – So Videos Should Be A Short As Possible. I Mean, It Is Not A Movie! Just The Most Important Thing Should Be Addressed, No Time For Unnecessary Details. In Fact, Edit And Edit And Cut And Re-Cut! Short And Hot Is Sweet!

Again, Make Sure The Quality Of Your Video Is Top Notch. Your Video Marketing Strategy Would Give The Customer A Representation Of What You Stand For. If You Cannot Produce Quality Videos, How Can You Produce Quality Products? Use Quality Equipment For Your Video Marketing.

Get Creative! Make Sure The Video Contains Engaging, Fun And Innovative Ways Of Delivering The Message. Make Sure The Viewer Is Engaged Throughout The Video. Think Outside The Box, Think Big And Smart.

Tag! Tag! Tag! Tag The Video, Relevant Keywords. Make Sure Your Video Is So Tagged That Google Spiders Cannot Miss It. Describe It Well, Saying Exactly What It Contains. Another Tactic Is To Host The Video On Your Own Domain First. Do Not Forget To Also Enable Embedding.

There, You Know What To Do Now, Get More Than A Billion Words Out To Your Customers Today, Use Video Marketing!

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